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Skip the Stuff in Maryland

Skip the Stuff in Maryland

Make plastic foodware on request only in Maryland

Help Surfrider Foundation Ocean City Chapter pass a strong Skip the Stuff bill in Maryland, which would enact a statewide prohibition of giving plastic utensils, straws, condiment packages, stirrers, and lid plugs to customers in restaurants and bars, unless customers specifically request those items. Such a bill would save restaurants money and reduce litter in our communities.

Plastic straws and utensils are consistently one of the most commonly found items at beach cleanups. These items are petroleum-based products that do not biodegrade. Instead, they break down into smaller and smaller pieces that are often mistaken for food by marine wildlife..

Plastic litter and waste management threaten human health and underserved communities, where a majority of waste disposal facilities are found. Reducing plastic waste also saves our communities money, in reduced clean up and disposal costs. 

We are asking for bill language to address 3rd party food delivery apps like Grubhub. Without addressing apps, it will be very confusing for restaurants and customers as to who is responsible for implementing this common sense bill.

We will update this page when the 2024 MD legislative session begins!