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MD License Plate with Surfrider Logo

Vehicle Tags Program

Show your Support with Surfrider Vehicle Tags

We are called the Ocean City, MD chapter but in reality, most of the state belongs to this chapter no matter where you go to the beach! (The immediate suburbs of DC belong to the DC Chapter of course, and we also have a newly formed chapter for our Annapolis friends!) 

Wherever you live in MD, if you are already a member and already have a car registered in Maryland, you can get specialized tags for your vehicle featuring the original Surfrider Foundation logo. Here is what you need to do to get one:

1) Be a member first. Join or renew you Surfrider Foundation membership using this link, – it helps the local Chapter. Make sure your car's registration is current also.

2) Email one of our volunteers, Stephanie at to obtain her mailing address. You must pay for your tags with a check made payable to Surfrider Foundation OCMD Chapter. She will ask you to mail your check and include a self-addressed stamped envelope so that she can mail the tag application to you. (Note: $25 covers the one time MVA cost of the plates and the $25 is an additional one-time gift to the Ocean City Chapter.) 

3) She will then mail you the MVA application to complete and return to her.

4) When she receives the completed application form back from you she will certify your membership status and send the $25 fee from Surfrider and the application to the MVA for processing.

5) MVA sends you your plates.

Note: Maryland DOT (MVA) specifies that Applications for Organizational tags can only be obtained from the organization sponsoring the tag and that the applicant must have a vehicle already registered in Maryland. Registration must be current and you must be a member of the organization that sponsors the tag. The organization must certify the applicant is a member of the organization and specify the organization on the form.

MD Plate Pic Full Size

The Coolest Way to Get to the Beach

Support the Surfrider Foundation and your local Chapter with these specialty tags issued by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration. Show everyone your support on your way to the beach, at the beach, and on your way home.