As Marylanders, the health of our waterways, beaches, and fisheries is critical to our local economy and our way of life. Plastic bags are one of the most common forms of plastic pollution found in beach clean ups and pose a significant threat to our waterways, wildlife, and seafood. Maryland can reduce plastic bag pollution by passing bag legislation that is currently introduced in the legislature!

Maryland House Bill 314 and Senate Bill 223, ban thin plastic bags at the checkout counter.

Plastic bags not sent to landfills are often put in recycling bins, where they clog recycling machines and cost recyclers and taxpayers money to remove. Plastic bags pollute our natural areas, waterways, and ocean waters. 

Help us pass a bag fee bill in Maryland so we can keep our beautiful natural areas clean of plastic bag litter, reduce tax payer dollars spent on clean ups, and keep plastic bags from poisoning wildlife and seafood.

Take a few minutes and help us support MD HB314 and SB223! Edit the message on the next page for extra impact. Sign the action alert here.