The Ocean City Chapter of Surfrider wants your help in banning intentional balloon releases in Worcester County. Worcester is the coastal county from the DE state line to the VA state line including Ocean City, Berlin, Snow Hill, Pokomoke City and all of Assateague Island. If you live in the county, you can send an automatic email to your county elected officials with this action alert.

Released helium balloon become litter somewhere, usually in the ocean where they can entangle animals or worse yet be mistaken for food. Birds, turtles and marine mammals are all threatened by balloon litter.

The effort in Worcester is directly on the heels of Queen Anne County banning the intentional release of balloons last month. Read more on that here. There is the possibility that a similar state law will be introduced in the next legislative session. But let’s get this done at home first, along the Atlantic Ocean. Take the action alert to contact county legislators above if you live in Worcester Co.

Turtle Food once it Deflates