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OC Chapter's Strawless Summer Program In the News!

We’re pleased that numerous news organizations have produced reports concerning our Strawless Summer program! Newspapers, radio, and TV stations have all featured stories about our program. Here they are:

Ocean City Today wrote a story about the Town of Ocean City and Mayor Meehan passing a resolution recognizing and supporting our Strawless Summer program. The resolution was presented to us at a November city council meeting. We’re looking forward to working with the city on future initiatives focusing on source reduction:

The Daily Times did an article about straw bans and their effects on the disabled. We were interviewed about Surfrider’s stance on the laws. We believe that accommodations need to be made for any person needing to use a plastic straw. Laws need to include language stating so. Here’s the story:

Local paper Ocean City Today produced a story about our Strawless Summer initiative and its impact on the Roland E Powell Convention Center’s reduction of single-use plastics:

The Visitor’s Guide is a free seasonal magazine that most businesses give to resort visitors. It did a story on our chapter’s work:

Baltimore station WJZ-TV, CBS Baltimore came to Ocean City for a story about our Strawless Summer program. They interviewed volunteer Liz Lee, as well as others, about our program.

Local newspaper The Dispatch did a follow up story after our Chair Jane Robinson presented the Strawless Summer program to OC’s environmental group “The Green Team.”

The Daily Times, a local newspaper, wrote an article about our Strawless Summer program, as well as other local environmental initiatives taking place in Ocean City:

Our Volunteer Coordinator Malcolm Taylor gave a radio interview with 97.1 The Wave about our Strawless Summer program:

Local TV station WMDT interviewed our Vice Chair Erica Amalfitano about Strawless Summer:

NBC Washington produced a news report:

WTOP’s news story:

Local TV station WBOC came to our beach cleanup to interview our Secretary Marina Feeser and Volunteer Coordinator Malcolm Taylor about Strawless Summer and the ways people can reduce plastic pollution:

Local newspaper The Dispatch interviewed our Chair Jane Robinson for its article on Strawless Summer and the problems with single-use plastic: